The Intl. Living Future Institute

Design The Office Space For A Non-Profit Organization With Dedicated Staff. The Site Is Comprised Of Approximately 6500 Square Feet Of Space On The Sixth Floor Of A Leed-Certified Core And Shell Building. The Office Space Will Accomplish Several Key Goals Within The Space. Among Them, Create A Sustainable And Inviting Space For Interaction And Reflect The Non-Profit Organization.


  • Creating A Design With Nature Within An Interior Environment That Will Embody The Biophilia Design Elements To Create A Sensory Experience That Will Inspire And Promote Wellness Connection To The Building And Its Occupants.

  • Inspired By Earthy Greens, Woody Textures, Organic Shapes, Muted Metals And Sunset Hues Will All Contribute To An Ecological Element To Help Restore The Vital Connection With Natural Elements.

  • Intregrate Strategies That Would Emphasize Private And Publuc Circulation Space Within The Office Space.

  • Software Used: Revit


The Intl. Living Future Institute | Floor plan

  • Emphasize Central Circulation To Support The Space Function.

  • Central Reception Area Within Adjancent To Building Elevators.

  • Separation Of Executive And General Offices.

  • Cafe, Conference And Work Room Designate As Public Space.

The Intl. Living Future Institute | Floor Finish Plan

  • Utilize Sustainble Floor Finishes That Will Enchance The Best Indoor Environment.

  • Eco-Friendly And Safe Materials

  • Commercial Carpet And Vinyl Tile With A High Wear Reistantance.

The Intl. Living Future Institute | RCP

  • Lighting Solutions For Commercial Office Space Utilizing Indirect, Direct, And Shield Lighing.

  • Lighting Layout Provide An Even Amount Of Illumination Within The Space.

  • Utilize Fluorescent, Halogen, And Led Ceiling And Hanging Fixtures Options.

  • Acoustical Ceiling Systems To Offer Better Performance Within The Space.

  • Sustainable Lighting Solutions That Will Use Less Excess Energy And Create A Best Indoor Quality.

The Intl. Living Future Institute | Elevations

The Intl. Living Future Institute | Layouts & Furniture Selection

The Intl. Living Future Institute | Reception Desk

• Adjacency To Front Elevators-Main Entrance

• Provides The First Impression For The Organization's Visitors And Guests.

• Waiting Area With Seating For 4-6.

The Intl. Living Future Institute | General office

  • General Offices Modular Desk Solutions To Allow Group Communication.

  • No Need For Visual Privacy

  • Access To Daylighting

The Intl. Living Future Institute | Cafe

  • Design A Cafe Space That Allows Being Used As A Multi-Faceted And Multi-Purpose Space.